Michael Traurig, MD, RVT, RPVI, RPHS


March is DVT Awareness Month

Because March is Deep Vein Thrombosis Month, Dr. Michael Traurig and Vein Centers for Excellence of Greenville want you to know the facts. Deep Vein Thrombosis (DVT) occurs when a blood clot develops in a vein deep within your body. These types of DVT clots typically develop in your lower legs or your thighs, but may appear […]

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5 Reasons to Show Off Your Legs Again

Valentine’s Day has come and gone for another year. But that doesn’t mean that you can’t show your legs some love. Just make an appointment to see one of Greenville’s leading vein specialists about your swollen, throbbing varicose veins or unsightly spider veins. If you have any symptoms of vein disease, call Dr. Michael Traurig at Vein Centers for Excellence of Greenville for complete vein […]

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Happy Independence Day from Dr. Traurig

Dr. Michael Traurig and his staff at Vein Centers for Excellence of Greenville want to wish you a very happy 4th of July holiday weekend! We want you to join us in declaring your independence from swollen, painful, unsightly varicose veins and other symptoms of vein disease, such as aching legs, restless legs, cramping, tired […]

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Crossing Your Legs Does NOT Cause Spider Veins

Standing or sitting for long periods of time, especially if you bend your legs or cross them, may raise your risk for developing spider veins or even varicose veins. But it doesn’t necessarily cause them. According to medical experts, crossing your legs is only bad if you sit in one place for a very, very […]

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What Do Varicose Veins and Mother’s Day Have in Common?

Varicose veins  and spider veins can be caused by pregnancy, which is ironic because Mother’s Day is next Sunday. But other causes of venous insufficiency, also known as venous reflux or vein disease, are  heredity, prolonged standing or sitting, trauma, and hormonal changes. During this week leading up to Mother’s Day, you should know that Dr. […]

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