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Expert Solutions For Hemorrhoids

Every human body has hemorrhoids, which prevent unwanted leakage when they are functioning properly. However, when hemorrhoids become swollen due to pressure (caused by straining during bowel movements, heredity, aging, being overweight, pregnancy, strenuous physical exertion, overuse of laxatives, enemas and prolonged sitting), varicose veins can develop on the lower rectum and anus. The supporting tissues surrounding the veins become inflamed and can cause extreme itching, irritation and discomfort. This is what is commonly referred to as hemorrhoids.

Nearly one-third of Americans have symptomatic hemorrhoids, and the incidence increases to 50% in those over age 55. Although hemorrhoids are an extremely common condition, many people find them so distressing or embarrassing they put off seeking treatment.

A new and highly effective treatment is here.

Thankfully there have been great strides made with a new treatment called Ultroid Hemorrhoidlysis. This procedure is quick and easy, and produces excellent long-lasting results. Dr. Traurig performs it in his office at a cost that is about one-fourth the price of traditional hospital surgery. The procedure is also covered by Medicare and most insurance plans.

I am an RN and had resisted treatment for my varicose veins because I thought surgery was the only way to resolve my problems. I feared the complications that could come as a result of having surgery. However, I was surprised at the fast, easy procedure with minimal discomfort and results beyond my expectations!

– Kathy F.

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