Michael Traurig, MD, RVT, RPVI, RPHS

Innovative Programs To Meet Your Specialized Vein Care Needs

Dr. Traurig has developed a series of specialized treatment programs to help meet the unique needs of his patients. Read on to discover if one of these programs can provide the caring and comprehensive solutions you need for your problem veins.

  • Mommy Veins Program – If you suffer from pre- or post-pregnancy varicose or spider veins, Dr. Traurig has the solutions you need. He offers the latest treatment options that will alleviate painful symptoms and help your legs look great.
  • Vein Families Program – Do you have a genetic tendency to develop varicose and/or spider veins? Dr. Traurig has the specialized training and expertise to accurately diagnose your condition and provide highly effective solutions.
  • Standing Strong Program – If you spend long hours on your feet, varicose and spider veins can be a persistently painful problem. Fortunately, today’s innovative treatments can eliminate pain and heaviness, and dramatically improve the appearance of your legs.
  • Veins Can’t Weight Program – Weight issues can make varicose veins especially painful and difficult to bear. Dr. Traurig’s program offers specialized solutions for people who suffer from both vein and weight management issues.

My legs feel more energetic! The pain and soreness have subsided and I no longer have ugly veins. I was surprised how quickly and smoothly the treatment went and how easy it was to fit in to my schedule.

– Allen B., Age 53

Michael Traurig


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