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ATTENTION MOMS! Don’t suffer from painful, unsightly VARICOSE or SPIDER VEINS one more day!

Our Mommy Veins Treatment delivers expert care and amazing results.

Like so many moms, you may have developed varicose or spider veins during or after your pregnancy. Fortunately, Greenville County’s leading vein specialist, Dr. Michael Traurig, delivers innovative, in-office solutions. His proven treatments can eliminate your problem veins without invasive surgery, without pain, and without a lengthy recovery time.

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Do VARICOSE and SPIDER VEINS run in your family?

Start a healthier relationship with your legs! Discover Dr. Traurig’s Vein Families Treatment.

Painful, unsightly varicose and spider veins are NOT a trait you wanted to inherit from your mother. But unfortunately, some people do have a genetic tendency to develop problem veins. The good news is that, although you might have to live with other family issues, this is one you can change. That’s why Dr. Traurig developed the Vein Families treatment.

Dr. Traurig is an expert in the diagnosis and treatment of vein disorders and offers innovative, non-invasive solutions that deliver amazing results.

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Do you struggle with a WEIGHT ISSUE and suffer from VARICOSE VEINS?

LOSE the veins and WIN with our Veins Can’t Weight Treatment.

Extra weight is one of several health factors that can contribute to varicose veins and make them especially difficult to bear. Fortunately, you don’t have to suffer from the pain, achiness, burning, swelling, and other symptoms of varicose veins any longer. Dr. Traurig’s Vein Can’t Weight treatment delivers innovative solutions for your vein issues, with the compassionate and personalized care you deserve.

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Do you spend long hours ON YOUR FEET and suffer from painful VARICOSE or SPIDER VEINS?

Your solution is here: Dr. Traurig’s Standing Strong Vein Treatment.

Whether you work in retail or healthcare… construction or cosmetology, the bottom line is that standing on your feet all day is hard on your body. It can also contribute to painful and unsightly varicose and spider veins. While you may not be able to change careers, with Dr. Traurig’s help, you can eliminate problem veins and enjoy healthier and more attractive legs.

Through his Standing Strong treatment, Dr. Traurig addresses the unique health needs of patients who spend long hours on their feet. He offers innovative solutions for vein issues, delivered with the compassionate and personalized care you deserve.

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My legs feel more energetic! The pain and soreness have subsided and I no longer have ugly veins. I was surprised how quickly and smoothly the treatment went and how easy it was to fit in to my schedule.

– Allen B., Age 53

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