Michael Traurig, MD, RVT, RPVI, RPHS

Do VARICOSE and SPIDER VEINS run in your family?

Start a healthier relationship with your legs! Discover Dr. Traurig’s Vein Families Treatment.

Painful, unsightly varicose and spider veins are NOT a trait you wanted to inherit from your mother. But unfortunately, some people do have a genetic tendency to develop problem veins. The good news is that, although you might have to live with other family issues, this is one you can change. That’s why Dr. Traurig developed the Vein Families treatment.

Dr. Traurig is an expert in the diagnosis and treatment of vein disorders and offers innovative, non-invasive solutions that deliver amazing results.

5 reasons to choose Dr. Traurig’s Vein Families treatment:

5 years

  • Unparalleled expertise – You’ll be cared for by the most experienced and highly trained vein specialist in the region.
  • FREE vein screening – Pinpoint the source of your vein issues and get expert treatment recommendations.
  • The most advanced treatments – Including sclerotherapy (injection) therapy and Endovenous Laser Ablation (EVLA) with Dr. Traurig’s state-of-the-art Cool Touch Laser. NO downtime, and virtually NO pain.
  • Genuine care and compassion – From a team committed to meeting your individual needs.
  • Convenient appointments and in-office treatments – Because we know you have a busy life to lead!

FIRST-CLASS care from the expert who puts you FIRST

Dr. Michael Traurig established his practice here in Greenville in 2003. Over the years, he has earned a reputation as a true leader in the field by combining specialized expertise with a truly caring approach. Dr. Traurig is the…

WINNER of the Vitals.com Patients’ Choice Award 5 years running

FIRST Ivy League trained and Board Certified vein specialist in Greenville

FIRST fully certified, independent vein center in South Carolina

FIRST South Carolina vein center accredited by the Better Business Bureau

Download our Vein Families Treatment pdf for more details

I am thrilled that I had my spider veins done, I should have done it years ago. I feel confident wearing shorts again! Dr. Traurig and his staff were professional and put me at ease. I highly recommend Vein Centers for Excellence of Greenville.

— Kristine P.

Michael Traurig


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